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Surrogacy in Central America

Eternal Spring Program

Why Guatemala?


Guatemala is very close to the United States and served by most US and several foreign carriers.  The country is a democratic republic with laws very similar to the United States.  The weather is fabulous and the country is very friendly to foreigners (and most people are bilingual - English and Spanish, among other languages they speak).


Most of our team is located in Guatemala and we have very strong roots here.  We have years-long, strong, and established business connections.  The telecommunications infrastructure is equal to or exceeds that of the United States.


Guatemala has excellent medical facilities and many physicians here were trained in the United States.  We lack for nothing and Guatemala experiences much medical tourism from the United States due to the quality and low cost.  Feel free to ask us if you need any medical procedures and we can refer you.


Proces in Guatemala for about everything is a fraction of that in the United States and Western Europe.  Finally, Guatemala is a warm, friendly, happy place to be.

Win-win Situation

A win-win situation explained / Attain your dreams and change another person's life


Why a win-win situation for the parties? A GC changes your life bringing a new family to you and you change hers by changing the course of her family’s life.  You fulfill your dream of creating a family with her help.  You help her change her life in ways you might not have thought about.


All of our GCs are single mothers.  They have no desire for any more children and want a better life for their family.  Most people in Guatemala are not at an economical level like many in North America or Western Europe.  Public education is substandard and attaining an education in a private school changes lives.   Our GCs lack access to capital and hence starting a business or owning her home may be out of reach, as is sending her children to better schools.  Most people in Guatemala earn less than $300 per month.


Being in our program forever changes her life for the better


We have more mothers wanting to be GCs than we have Intended Parents.  Once a GC has entered our program they move into one of our “GC safe homes”.  These are houses equipped and arranged to welcome GCs while they go through their journey.  In these homes, they receive not only the proper care (nutritious meals, counseling, etc.), protection, and a safe environment, but also access to computers with the internet and are given education about finance.  Many of these ladies take classes and attain new life skills during their surrogacy journey.  Since we provide the GCs with a stipend for their children’s needs, they have all their time to learn, they’re able to achieve peace of mind because their children are taken care of while they can rest and learn.  This is a luxury they likely never had since childhood. This small detail provides you with a happy, confident Gestational Carrier.


With this aid, a year of living expenses, and the lump sum she receives, her life will never be the same.  Many of our past GCs bought a house, land, a business, went to school, etc.  We provide guidance for them on how to best use their aid.  For these benefits, the family and friends of our past GCs want this life-changing opportunity.  This system also allows you to relax and not be concerned about social behavior.

Facts to consider

Facts to consider

Why pay $150,000 plus for family creation via gestational surrogacy in the United States when you can achieve the same in another country for half the price?  Is this legal, is this ethical, risky, and where can this be done?  It is legal, ethical, and done in many countries outside the US.  It takes place in Mexico and many Central and South American Countries.  If this were not legal, the United States and other embassies would not cooperate with us.  

We have teamed with an established surrogacy program in Guatemala.   Our two entities have created a program for those seeking lower cost, faster alternatives to surrogacy in the USA.  It is called Eternal Spring Program (ESP).  This complete package deal for family creation occurs via in vitro fertilization and gestational surrogacy.  This package includes all fertility work (IVF), a Gestational Carrier, and all her expenses, and local legal work.  You provide sperm and eggs and we provide everything else.  It comes at one price and there are no extra charges unless unusual circumstances arise or extra items are desired. 

Comprehensive Family Creation

Comprehensive Family Creation

The package:  As mentioned above, the Eternal Spring program offers a complete package deal with everything you need to start your surrogacy journey.   One deposit and three payments at key milestones. 


The process: Once you have decided to let us manage your journey you will make the deposit.  We then present you at least two Gestational Carrier candidates within two weeks via a video conference (you may be present if you choose).  You match with your GC, and then we finish her medical and psychological screening.  She will be pre-selected and partially screened at the time you meet her.  Note, we always have GCs available due to the small scope of acceptance.


When you and your GC agree to work together, the first payment is due.  With the assistance of our legal team, you will sign a gestational surrogacy agreement with your GC.  If your GC fails either the medical or psychological screening, we immediately replace her at our expense.  At this point, you will be assigned a case manager who will assist you every step of the way.


The next step is to create your embryos (if you don't have them already, of course).  Ideally, both the egg and sperm donors present at one of our clinics in Guatemala City.  Once your embryos are created, your GC will be hormonally prepared for the embryo transfer.  The fertility physicians will perform two embryo transfers.


At 12 weeks of pregnancy (fetal heartbeat) the second payment will be due.  At thirty weeks of pregnancy, the third payment is due. In the sad event of a pregnancy loss prior to 30 weeks, the third payment is not required.


You are expected to be present before the anticipated delivery date.  Generally, you will be able to take your baby home within 10 working days past your child's birth.  This largely depends on the speed of your embassy in processing paperwork and issuing passports.  We will accompany and assist you in obtaining the birth certificate, passport, and other legal documents.


If you cannot be present at birth and be present to process paperwork, a power-of-attorney can be enacted.  This gives our legal team the ability to act for you and this comes with a fee.


Process and Outcome / Presentation Introduction


Our methods and processes used to ensure a successful journey are nearly the same as best practices in the USA but have added advantage.  We differ in regards that are more beneficial to the Intended Parents' concerns and life-changing for the Gestational Carrier.  First, we put everything you need in one place.  You only need to work with us.  Secondly, we come at a much lower cost.  Finally, we are able to care for and support your Gestational Carrier in ways not possible in the United States.


The methods and protocols used to create families through assisted reproductive technology (ART) with GCs in Guatemala are not that different from methods in the United States.  Our team has extensive experience in screening GCs, managing their journeys, and assisting anxious IPs.  We apply all USA best practices, and some extra measures related to the social activity (see below), in accomplishing successful journeys in Guatemala.


Our principal methods come to us through guidelines from the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (  Additional guidance comes from professional societies such as Society for Ethics in Egg Donation and Surrogacy, and workshops we have attended at professional meetings.  We have enhanced some of our methods from lessons learned screening thousands of GC candidates, managing hundreds of GCs, and working with eager IPs over the past five years.


On the legal side, we have a team of attorneys led by Ron Mayorga.   Mr. Mayorga and his team are experts in matters of custody and surrogacy contracts.  On the adoption and custody side, his team has completed over 500 international adoptions.  In surrogacy, they have completed contracts, custody documents, and passports on over 40 international journeys.  In doing so they have worked extensively with numerous Public Institutions as the General Attorney's Office, Public Ministry, Supreme Court of the Guatemalan government, and many major embassies including the United States, Canada, Australia (Mexico Embassy), and Great Britain.  


Screening and Selecting GCs


Gestational Carriers are screened on four primary dimensions.  In order of easiest to the most complex, they are Medical, Psychological, Background, and Social.


Medical Screening is the easiest of the four dimensions.  This starts with reviewing the medical records of the GC candidate.  Were her past pregnancies full term and her deliveries uncomplicated?  Does she have any medical issues that could compromise her health or that of the baby?


The ASRM guidelines clearly outline the physical and biochemical (blood work) parameters to be examined following the medical record review.  Drug testing is normally a part of her initial medical screening and may continue through the hormonal workup prior to and after embryo transfer.


Psychological screening is best done in person and consists of a clinical exam along with a battery test.  Telescreening has become more accepted and in wider spread use.  We prefer in-person clinical examination.  Common battery tests are the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Index (MMPI) and the Personality Assessment Index (PAI).  Additional tests might be used such as addiction propensity exams.


Background checking is typically accomplished with the use of a licensed detective agency with access to special non-public databases.  Best practice in background checking would include investigating any non-criminal legal matters (liens, judgments, etc) and review of all social media. 


Social review or psychosocial examination is the most difficult and can greatly impact the outcome of a journey.  Will the woman follow in great detail the instructions of the medical professionals?  Will she cut corners in taking her prescribed hormones, prenatal vitamins, or eating properly?  Will she engage in risky behavior, or be surrounded by toxic elements such as second-hand smoke?  The social constitution of the GC candidate is the answer to all of these questions.

Process & Outcome
Screening & Selecting GCs

Support and GC Management


Social aspects and risk avoidance are where our program differs from the United States.  All our GCs come to us from referrals from our past GCs.  They are often sisters, cousins, or friends of past GCs and known to have good character.  These women already know how our program works and they want to join.  All of our GCs are single women, so we avoid any legal complications with husbands.  Most importantly, our GC comes and lives in our houses.  They are fed and cared for throughout the journey.  This ensures a safe environment, compliance with medical protocols, and a happy supportive environment for the GC.


The GCs live in the company of one of our house mothers.  They have access to computers with the internet and all the comforts of the home.  Many times they take some type of educational curriculum while with us and they do not have to work.  They often can enjoy the company of other GCs.

Support & GC Management
Services Provided

Services Provided in Eternal Spring Package


Gestational Carrier: 

  • Recruitment

  • Background check

  • Medical records review

  • Psychological screening (battery and clinical examination)

  • Medical screening (physical and blood work)

  • GC monthly compensation starting when she signs with IPs

  • Her lump sum payment for the journey (at the end with custody release)

  • Maternity clothes

  • Special housing with care and meals for 8-11 months

  • Transportation and accompaniment to all medical appointments and birth


Obstetrics and Hospital:

  • All prenatal care appointments

  • Birth at a local hospital / includes C-section if needed

  • Up to three days stay at the hospital ($200 per day if extended)

  • Amniocentesis if medically warranted


Fertility Clinic:

  • Sperm collection and freezing if necessary (one-year storage included)

  • Egg retrieval from IM or donor

  • In Vitro fertilization with ICSI, if necessary

  • Embryo freezing and storage for one year 

  • Up to two embryo transfers included, and a third is an extra $3,000

  • All hormones for the egg donor and the GC

  • All blood tests to monitor pre and post embryo transfer monitoring



  • A legal agreement between IPs and GC

  • Birth certificate, with translation

  • A legal change in child custody from GC/Intended father (IF) to IF only

  • Guatemalan person (baby) registration with RENAP (National Records)

  • US passport for baby, other countries may vary



  • Assistance with hotel and travel arrangements in Guatemala

  • Translation with meeting GC, physicians, hospital

  • Airport pickup and return


Not included:

  • Fees to gamete donor 

  • Shipping fees for embryos or gametes from another country

  • Twins, GC gets $5,000 more with twins

  • Extended hospital stays due to complications

  • Neonatal hospital care for the baby

  • Genetic testing of embryos (estimated $2,500 $4,000)

  • Testicular sperm extraction

  • Third embryo transfer ($3,000)

  • Beyond one year of the embryo and/or gamete storage ($500 after the first year)

  • Neonatal intensive care (estimated at $300 per day)

  • DNA testing if needed (estimated at $900 per person)

  • IP travel, lodging, and meals

  • Intended mother or husband (gay) adoption in another country


Legal Matters


Like most US states, Gestational Surrogacy is not illegal in Guatemala, but there are no explicit provisions in the law governing it such as those found in California.  Guatemala is a country where thousands of adoptions took place to parents in the USA.  Therefore, the laws and various government departments in Guatemala are very familiar with custody matters.  


Surrogacy takes place in Guatemala and many Central American countries and it is not new.  Our legal team has helped over 1,200 parents adopt a child and over 40 with a surrogacy journey.  They are experts with this and processing papers in a number of embassies (passports).  Our core team has done over 400 surrogacies in the USA.


Our lawyers will walk you through everything.  Here is a listing of the legal procedures involved.


  1. You make a contract with us for our services.

  2. You make a gestational surrogacy contract with your selected Gestational Carrier.

  3. At birth, the baby will be registered with the Guatemalan government via a birth certificate.  You will be listed as the father.

  4. Passports will be obtained for your baby from your country’s embassy.  Your child will be registered as a citizen of your country’s embassy.

  5. The GC will relinquish her parental rights at birth.


Location, location, location / we're closer than you think

Guatemala is located just south of Mexico, bordering Mexico, Belize, El Salvador, and Honduras.  The international airport is located in Guatemala City, Guatemala.  We are located in the heart of Guatemala City with numerous daily flights (American Air, Delta, Spirit, United, and others) from the US.  


Guatemala is called The Land of Eternal Spring due to the climate and lush plant life.  Our climate is like spring each month of the year, so you will be comfortable any month you are here.  Our environmental conditions are conducive to life.  Hence the name of our Program.  Life is abundant and rich in this part of the world.


Guatemala, the country, is the largest economy in Central America.  The capital is Guatemala City, which is also a major international commerce center.  We have an abundance of hotels, restaurants, shopping, and very easy access to the airport.  The airport is located in the heart of the city.  The landmass, population, and economy size are similar to the state of Pennsylvania. 


Most members of our team are located in Guatemala City as is our fertility clinics, lawyers, houses for GCs, and birth hospitals.  The city and surrounding cities in the valley comprise at least  5 million people.  


Visa Information

If you have a USA, Canadian, or European Union passport you will enter without a visa.  You are permitted 90 days in the country.  This can be extended another 90 days if you choose.



Guatemala City has a hotel location from virtually every major US-based hotel chain.  Examples include Marriot, Clarion, Westin, Barcelo, Holiday Inn, Raddison, and Intercontinental.  Apart from the large chain hotels, there are plenty of non-chain hotels. The city also has plenty of high-rise apartment buildings offering luxury or economical rentals via Airbnb.  Private homes are also available and some with lots of green garden space.


Embassy Information

Being a large Central American capital, Guatemala City is the location of many embassies.  Included are the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Sweden, Australia, Mexico, Spain, Italy, and many more.

Legal Matters
Location, location, location

Eternal Spring Program Summary

We will walk with you on the pathway to the journey to create your family.


Free no-obligation consultation with a family creation expert

We understand what you are going through because we have been there ourselves.

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