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Guatemala surrogacy program

Good People with Kind Hearts

Thank you for your interest in learning more about us and our gestational surrogacy programs.  We want to share information about our country, our family completion program, and some about us.


A bit about our country:

The country name Guatemala is a Mayan language word meaning land of abundant forest. Our country is affectionally known as the land of eternal spring by those of us that live here. It is like spring every day of the year. Our country is very fertile, and life is abundant here. We have named our surrogacy program Eternal Spring. We make the dream of family come true!!

Guatemala is the largest Central American nation with the largest population (about 16 million) and the largest economy.  We are a democratic republic.  Our land mass and population are similar to the state of New York.  Like New York state we have one very large population center.  Spanish is the national language but many people speak English as well.


A bit about our city:

Guatemala City is a modern, cosmopolitan, international capital with a population of about five million. Our IVF clinics, hotels, embassies, private birth hospitals and all you need are located within two miles of the centrally located international airport. We are located in zone 10 of Guatemala City.

We are rich with fine dining, shopping, and everything one would find in a city of five million.  Due to our climate many restaurants are open air.  All of our Intended Parents comment about how nice our city is.


A bit about us:

Our existence stems from a group of professionals working in the United States (450 plus babies).   Our team knows the Guatemalan Civil codes well and you do not need a court order to have custody of your baby.    Our staff, IVF clinics, lawyers, and hospitals are all located in Guatemala City Guatemala.  We are the only ethical surrogacy program operating in Guatemala.  Prior to December 2020, we were only word of mouth from referring partners in several countries: USA, Canada, Australia and Sweden.  Since 2020 we have diversified and now offer programs in other venues such as Argentina, Mexico and Georgia.

You likely have not heard much about surrogacy in Guatemala.  We have been operating our program since 2015 and we never advertised or had a web site.  We are not a large factory operation with hundreds of clients per year.  No, we are more bespoke and boutique like.  We engage with our clients and personally escort all of them and we meet with them.

Our founder is Dr. Kramer and his team of experienced surrogacy professionals.  Dr. Kramer started with surrogacy in the United States for six years before starting work in Guatemala and then other venues such as Mexico, Georgia and Argentina.  We can accommodate singles, same sex couples, and heterosexual couples.  We reside in Guatemala and we will personally meet you.


A bit about traveling here:

Proximity to the United States

Guatemala City is 2.25 hours from Miami (American Airlines) 2.5 hours from either Dallas (American Airlines) or Houston (United), and three hours from Atlanta (Delta).  From Chicago or Los Angeles (Delta) flight times are about five hours. The international airport is serviced by most major US carriers and Spirit Airlines. Most carriers offer more than one flight per day and Iberia has a direct flight from Madrid.  There are multiple flights from Mexico City.


Visa Information

If you have a USA, Canadian, or European Union member country passport you will enter without a visa. Chinese nationals with visa to the EU or USA do not need a visa.



Guatemala City has a hotel location from virtually every major US-based hotel chain.  (Marriot, Clarion, Westin, Radisson, Holiday Inn, and Intercontinental). The city also has high-rise apartment buildings offering luxury or economical Airbnb rentals.  We will transport you to and from the airport and all your medical/legal appointments.  We will attend appointments and translate for you.


Embassy Information

Being a large Central American capital Guatemala City is the location of many embassies. Included are the United States, Israel, India, Brazil, Canada, United Kingdom, Sweden, Mexico, Spain, Italy, and many more.

Finally, we take our service serious and will give you the personal touch.  All clients will be provided a case manager and the phone number of Dr. Kramer and your case manager. 

Come a baby step closer to making your dreams come true and contact us.


Our Team


Dr. Kyle Kramer 
CMA Chief Medical Advisor 

Dr. Kyle Kramer is one of the founders of Dharma Group.   Former FDA consultant and Harvard Medical School Faculty, he was a biomedical scientist turned entrepreneur driven by his eagerness to constantly challenge himself.  


Alejandro Larrave 
COO Chief Operations Officer

Alejandro is an entrepreneur, consultant, and business executive, with +20 years of business experience as a strategist and serial entrepreneur with +5 years of experience in the ART  (Assisted Reproductive Technologies).



Laura Salazar 
Gestational Carrier Recruitment Manager 

Laura managed a large recruitment team at a large agency, she developed sophisticated methods of screening surrogate candidates using customized technology and humans on the phone.  Her team processed over 25,000 leads a year with a well-established surrogacy agency for 5 years. Screening methods employed involved the use of psychologists, a detective, and a highly trained team of women interacting with candidates.


Monica Zelaya 
Case Manager 

Monica developed and implemented a successful and efficient process for high-volume retrieval of medical records.  Over the course of three years alone, her team processed hundreds of records per month completing thousands of surrogate profiles each year.  All of this was HIPAA compliant and outperformed first-in-class record retrieval services in both cost and speed.

Kim (16).png

Beverly Behar
Intended Parent Coordinator

Beverly started working as a Surrogate Recruiter for a large agency and then moved on to Intake and Medical Records Retrieval. Her people-person personality has allowed her to build relationships and keep recruiting both Surrogates and Intended Parents (IPs).  She is well versed in the field of gobal surrogacy and assists potiential IPs wade through the complex matrix of decision making.  She has worked with Dr. Kramer for many years.


Nayeli Itza 
Journey Support Manager

Nayeli directed a team of journey support staff over the course of five years.  Management of a few gestational carriers turned into several hundred over time. To ensure that every surrogate got the support needed she combined technology and people in her methods.  She also developed protocols, standard operating procedures, and education modules for journey support.

Our Clinic and IVF Team

“We are not in the business of good or even great,

we are in the business of extraordinary.”

Team member, Laura Salazar

Our Mission

We exist to make the world a better place (that's our goal).  Specifically, we help people extend their family and make dreams come true.  We believe our actions today impact our lives and others' in the future.


We accomplish our goal by operating with the highest ethical standards and will not compromise our integrity.  With all our interactions.  We will be transparent, honest, and, hence, have Dharma.

Baby Lying Down

Eternal Spring Program Summary

We will walk with you on the pathway to the journey to create your family.



no-obligation consultation

with a family creation expert

We understand what you are going through because we have been there ourselves.

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