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Family, where life begins, and love never ends

Learn how surrogacy and egg donation can help you fulfill your dream of a family. 

Let us help turn your dream of family into reality with a personal touch.

We are not a high throughput program.  We accept less than four Intended Parents (IPs) per month.

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Please download this Profile form and send it to to begin your journey 


Dr. WS, from the United States, had this to say during his surrogacy journey.


"After a year and a half's unsuccessful experiences with a program in Colombia, I was looking for another program that can fulfill my dream of starting my own family in June 2021. Fortunately, I found Eternal Spring and got the chance to meet Dr. Kramer of Eternal Spring virtually. Dr. Kramer was very candid about details and always there to address my questions. I started with my journey with Eternal Spring in July 2021, and the surrogate mother has been pregnant for over three months by Jan 2022.


For Eternal Spring, you would not experience any surprise or hidden fee. Dr. Kramer and his team provided me with all the information that allowed me to make the decision best for me. My first trip to Guatemala was amazing. Everything was done effectively and professionally.  I strongly recommend Eternal Spring to anyone who considers starting a family through surrogacy"


Posted on Astarte Group Site. April 2024.


"Good evening. I am Jerome P. and I wanted to say that I have spoken Dr. Kyle Kramer, who is a awesome and great doctor and advisor. I began my surrogacy journey about two and a half years ago. He has been a great support person. He has always returned emails or calls when I've had questions or concerns about the surrogacy process. He is am excellent resource and is a great asset to any surrogacy program. A great guy."

We are aware of your concerns

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Have you been on a waiting list for a year or more?

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Have you been wanting to extend your family, but cannot afford costs in the United States or Canada? 

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Are you confused about where to start and find all the components needed?


Have you been speaking to offshore programs that fail to provide details?

We are here to help you

  • We are affordable and less than half the price of the US.

  • We are a turnkey surrogacy and egg donation program where all types of Intended Parents qualify-single and LGBT included.

  • No confusion- we will advise and walk you through the entire process.

  • You need not source any extra services.  Our packages include local transport, surrogates, egg donor, IVF, genetic testing, legal work, passports, surrogate support, obstetrics, and birth hospital.

  • No waiting lists as we have pre-screened surrogates ready to start.

  • Payments in milestones of progress.

  • We have agreements with egg banks in many parts of the world.

Benefits of our Program

  • We are complete, having everything needed in one place.

  • The nearshore venue, with minimal travel time to Guatemala City.

  • There are no waiting times to start your journey of family creation. 

  • US citizens can leave back home with children in 10 business days.

  • Our doctors and lawyers are accessible to advise you with all decision-making.

  • We can accept shipments of gametes or embryos.

  • Our staff will transport you to all appointments and translate (if needed).

  • Cosmopolitan, Latin city of five million people.  Visit the old Spanish colonial capital of Antigua while you are here.

Free no-obligation consultation with a family creation expert

We know how important it is to fulfill a dream when it’s so close to our hearts. We hope we’re able to help yours come true.


Thanks for apply


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