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Key advantages

Updated: Mar 1, 2022

We thought you might be interested in knowing the key advantages of Eternal Spring Program

over other off-shore venues, so here we've listed them for you:

1) Leadership: Our leaders include a Doctor and a Lawyer with proven experience in the

surrogacy field

2) Experience: We have been completing families since 2015

3) Simple: We offer complete family creation packages to meet your situation and make things

easier for you

4) No Waiting: We have pre-screened GCs every day

5) Legal Advantage: No court orders are needed for custody of your baby

6) Speed: You can leave with your baby faster than many other counties

7) Transparent: We will keep you informed the whole journey.

8) Egg Donor Selection: We have many and agreements with egg banks

9) Proximity: We are easy to get to from USA or Europe

10) Condensed: Our facilities, embassies, GC, clinics, your hotel, the airport are all very close

(minutes by car)

11) Fairness: Milestone payments along the journey. You only pay for what you need or what

has happened.

12) Modern and Cosmopolitan: People are impressed when visiting our city of six million

13) Open: Single and same sex couples welcome here

14) Personal: We are like a boutique, not a factory

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