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Preimplantation Genetic Testing (PGT) in Art

PGT Testing videos


Creating your own family is one of the most important journeys of your life and we would like to be part of it.  Our goal is to provide the best solutions to make your process as easy and comfortable as possible.  We would like you to know more about PGT-A, because we know how important this decision is and that is why we strive to treat each case with genuine care, respect, and transparency throughout the process.  Please visit these videos to know more about PGT-A testing:


Four Misconceptions about PGT-A (Genetic Testing for Aneuploidy on Embryos)

Successful IVF with mosaic embryo transfer

PGT-A Results Explained by a Genetic Counselor (Preimplantation Genetic Testing for Aneuploidy)

IVF and Genetic Testing: Does PGT-A Have a Higher Live Birth Rate?

Pros and Cons of Genetic Testing of Embryos

IVF Genetic Testing Results // How Many Embryos Did We End Up With!?


IVF Expert: Do embryo grades predict IVF success?




Embryos found to be abnormal via PGT-A? Don't let them be discarded!


Going beyond the chromosomes: What determines the health and viability of human embryos


Successful IVF with mosaic embryo transfer

If you have any other question or doubts about PGT-A testing, we offer free consultations for you. Why not get one step closer to making your dreams come true? Let us answer any questions you might have ( or WhatsApp +502 4079 2374)

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