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Recommendations for practices using gestational carriers: a committee opinion

Practice Committee of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine and Practice Committee of the Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology

American Society for Reproductive Medicine, Birmingham, Alabama

This document provides the latest recommendations for the screening, evaluation, and psychoeducational and legal counseling of gestational carriers and intended parents. It incorporates recent information from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, US Food and Drug Administration, and American Association of Tissue Banks, with which all programs offering gestational carrier services must be thoroughly familiar. This document replaces the previous document of the same name, last published in 2017 (Fertil Steril 2017;107:e4–10). (Fertil SterilÒ 2022;118:65–74. Ó2022 by American Society for Reproductive Medicine.)

El resumen está disponible en Español al final del artículo.

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Download PDF • 242KB

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